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3M™ Collision Repair Materials Planner - About Statement

In response to numerous industry demands and overwhelming customer requests, 3M has compiled information and documentation into a package that is intended to help clarify whether or not specific repair processes are considered (A) required repair operations, and/or (B) included within any other repair procedure when using North American estimating protocols from the major information providers. 3M’s objective is to assist in the preparation of complete and accurate repair plans that not only result in reduced supplements but also seamless repairs that improve touch time, cycle time, customer experience, customer satisfaction, customer and policy holder retention for key stakeholders within the collision repair industry.

3M’s Collision Repair Materials Planner is one part of this overall package that is meant to assist stakeholders in the documentation and communication of allied repair materials that are (A) required for a safe and responsible repair plan, and (B) not already included in any other repair procedure.